Your Freelance Mobile Development Partner:

I am a freelance iOS/Android developer, technical consultant, and enthusiastic open-source contributor. With vast experience collaborating with global clients, I extend my iOS/Android development services to businesses of all scales — from startups and agencies to fellow freelancers.

Quality at the Forefront:

I commit to delivering top-notch, responsive work, compatible across a broad spectrum of devices. Every project I undertake boasts robust architecture, accurate documentation, and is designed for easy maintenance and scalability.

Coding Excellence:

Upholding high code quality is paramount to me. I employ static code analyzers and emphasize well-documented, readable code. This approach not only future-proofs the application but also facilitates smooth collaboration with other developers.

My Journey:

Transitioning from a C# developer, I dived into iOS app development during the iOS 6 era. By 2019, my focus expanded to cross-platform development with Flutter. Throughout my freelance journey, I’ve crafted over 40 applications, culminating in a compelling portfolio. Here’s a glimpse into some standout projects:

Sometimes I contribute to other open-source projects and create my own. Check out my Github profile for other open-source contributions.

I also maintain a blog about software development, project management, and freelancing.


Mobile development


I’ve been an iOS developer for many years, making apps and games for iPhone and iPad. I used Objective-C until 2014. In late 2014, I started using Swift because it’s simpler and faster. Using Swift, I could make apps quicker, saving my clients 10-20% in costs.

In 2019, I began using Dart/Flutter. With Flutter, I can write one app that works on both Android and iOS. This saves my clients up to 40-50% and gives them apps for both phone types.

For making apps, I use tools like Visual Studio Code, Xcode, Android Studio, and Git (like GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket). To make sure apps run fast, I use Xcode Instruments and Flutter DevTools.

Backend development

Mobile App Expertise:

I specialize in iOS and Android development, bringing your app ideas to life with precision and flair.

Backend Proficiency:

Beyond mobile development, I possess a strong command of server backend technologies. Whether you already have your server setup or need assistance from the ground up, I can collaborate seamlessly to design and deploy robust APIs—primarily using REST API (JSON). Plus, I’m seasoned in using WebSockets to facilitate real-time data exchanges.

Diving Deep with TypeScript & Firebase:

Leveraging my in-depth understanding of TypeScript, I craft dynamic backend logic for server apps, especially on Google Firebase. Having realized more than ten projects on this platform, I’ve harnessed the full power of Firebase features—from Cloud Firestore and Cloud Functions to Realtime Messaging and Analytics. If you’re starting, consider Firebase; it’s user-friendly, scalable, and offers an all-encompassing backend solution.

Legacy Expertise with

Between 2014-2017, I was an avid user of BaaS. With the evolution of Parse Server, I smoothly transitioned backends to self-hosted Parse Server instances. This journey enriched my skills with MongoDB and gave me firsthand experience with server-side node.js applications.

Let’s Collaborate:

Whether you’re a startup aiming for a robust mobile presence or an established firm seeking to enhance your backend systems, I’m here to help. Let’s transform your visions into vibrant digital realities.

Payment processing integrations

Mobile Commerce Expertise:

Many clients entrust me to craft iOS apps that power their goods or services sales. For optimized conversion rates, I seamlessly integrate payment processing directly within these apps. I’ve had success using renowned third-party services like Stripe and PayPal, both boasting iOS SDKs I’m well-versed in.

Secure Payment Processes:

Handling payments is intricate, mandating robust client-side integrations and rigorous server-side checks. My approach always prioritizes security, ensuring a safe transaction environment for users and businesses alike.

Leveraging Apple Pay with Stripe:

Thanks to Stripe SDK’s native support for Apple Pay, users get a streamlined checkout experience. It minimizes manual input, further enhancing user convenience and transaction speed.


Design-to-Code Expertise:

I pride myself on transforming designs into high-performance code, always respecting the original vision of your designers. Recognizing that design and development are two sides of the same coin, I strive to merge them seamlessly for an unparalleled user experience. It’s worth noting that iOS users have a discerning eye for UI detail, and I’m committed to meeting their high standards.

Adhering to Platform Guidelines:

For iOS apps, I strictly follow the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. If a proposed design suggests unconventional controls or a UI pattern unsuited for compact iPhone displays, I’ll provide feedback and offer alternative solutions aligned with Apple’s recommendations. For Android apps, the guiding principle remains the same, adhering to Material Design.

A Note on Design:

While I can craft straightforward interfaces using standard iOS and Android controls, I’m not a designer by profession. For a truly captivating UI, I recommend collaborating with a dedicated design expert.


I’m active in the developer community on Stack Overflow:

profile for Andrey Gordeev at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

My profile is in the top 5% of ios, iphone, swift, objective-c and sql tags. Most of the reputation I earned by answering Flutter and iOS-related questions, but there are also popular answers for c#, sql and vba/ tags.

Upwork is my main channel to work with clients since 2012. My Upwork profile is also exceptional:

My clients are delighted with the work I deliver as well. Almost all of the reviews I got have five stars.