Andrey is a fantastic iOS developer. Our app is super clean, fast, and built to last a long time.
We now have an app with thousands of paying customers, we couldn't be happier.
Not only is Andrey a fantastic developer, he's an even better project manager. He was proactive with weekly updates, and kept the project moving smoothly and without downtime.
I look forward to working with Andrey again on a future iOS project.

Nick Kneuper, BestSelf Ventures, LLC

Andrey was fantastic - project delivered on time and within the estimated budget. Will definitely be asking Andrey for assistance in the future.

Sam Crigman, Procore Technologies

Andrey has been a vital and extraordinary contributor to my project and team.
He was professional, provided accurate estimates and delivered high quality work on schedule. In addition to his excellent technical skills, Andrey also provided key architecture and design recommendations, which ultimately led to a better product.
I would gladly work with Andrey on future projects.

Bobby Leach, CenterPunch

Andrey delivered solid work on time and budget. His communication was first-class. For instance, he wrote detailed wiki pages about every screen / feature that he developed, and maintained a list of every issue that needed resolution. When we wanted to use an image technology that was not supported, Andrey went out to research alternatives and workarounds. This allowed us to make decisions very quickly and get the project back on track. I really enjoyed working with Andrey and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.

Ayité Gaba, TOGO TIMBER S.A.

Andrey is the best developer on upwork, his work is professional and without error. He works quickly and always updates his skill set, HIGHLY recommended.

Seun Moses

Absolutely one of the best developers I have ever worked with on Upwork. You will not find a better iOS developer who actually understands processes and development.

Eli Jacobson

Andrey is the best iOS developer that I have ever worked with and I have worked with a lot of developers. Andrey went above and beyond with the app that was based on some strange concepts. He suggested improvements and implemented some cool features/effects that I didn't even ask him to add. His Swift 2.0 skills are great and he also has a very strong grasp of Parse, Push Notifications, Cloud Code, Security, Auto Layout, Cocopods, and Facebook Integration. I highly suggest contact Andrey about your project and I hope to work with him again for future projects.

John Porrini, TheMobileAppGuys

Andrey is by far THE BEST developer I have ever worked with on Upwork. He is extremely professional, gives valuable input (even if it means he will earn less), and the code is top quality. His development practices are A grade industry standard (TestFlight for daily deployments, BitBucket for version control etc.) A lot say they are fluent in English, but Andrey actually is. There is zero difference between him and a native english speaker, which is nice, as you can focus your efforts on the actual development, not communicating the info.

Mike Xhaxho

Andrey has helped me on numerous occasions. He first built an IOS app for me and has since made himself available, each and every time I have needed. He supports the app as it has gone through a few iterations and required changes. Ongoing support may not be the most glamorous of his jobs, but Andrey does it with a (virtual) smile and great enthusiasm.

Dominick Curatola

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