Bundle Identifier Tip for App Development

Are you a developer embarking on a new iOS/Android project? Here’s a crucial mistake to avoid from the start. Many developers, myself included, have fallen into the trap of naming the bundle identifier of their app using their personal name. I’m sharing this experience so you can sidestep this common error.

Why is this important? The bundle identifier is a unique, unchangeable aspect of your app. It’s critical if you plan to sell your app or if it gains popularity and you want to build a company around it. The bundle ID, though usually hidden, is visible in the app’s URL on the Google Play Store.

💡 The workaround is simple: Choose a generic name like “com.myapp.myapp” or “com.myawesomeapp.app”. This approach saved me during negotiations when my app, initially a personal project, attracted potential buyers. The bundle ID with my personal name was nearly a deal-breaker. It sparked discussions about creating a new app and transferring users - a tedious and avoidable task.

As you begin your app development journey, remember this advice to navigate future obstacles smoothly.